Improv and the Dancer with Yvonne & Robin

Episode 9 November 26, 2021 00:37:59
Improv and the Dancer with Yvonne & Robin
Improv in Practice with Synergy Theater
Improv and the Dancer with Yvonne & Robin

Nov 26 2021 | 00:37:59


Show Notes

Yvonne Conybeare is a director and actor and lives in New York. Robin Wiggs is a writer and improv performer and lives in London. I met them in our Improv IV class online, and I knew I had to interview them together.

Yvonne and Kenn Adams, director of synergy theater, are old friends, and so we talk about Theater Sports New York, and the origin of Kenn's Play by Play. Yvonne has insights on how our defensiveness affects our improvisation and how to overcome it.

Robin joins the interview a bit later and we talk about improv in London and how Robin prepares for performances. Make sure that you listen all the way through the show for something a little different at the end.

Robin's Links: "Moidercats", Cariad Lloyd

Yvonne's Links:, Thinking, Fast and Slow

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