Improvising Villains with Reggie & Arastoo

Episode 5 August 20, 2021 00:51:30
Improvising Villains with Reggie & Arastoo
Improv in Practice with Synergy Theater
Improvising Villains with Reggie & Arastoo

Show Notes

What is it about villains that we like so much?

How do we overcome the instinct to deny our guilt and plead our case when being painted as a villain in a scene? What role does status play in the hero-villain relationship?

These are the themes that Arastoo Darkashan, Reggie Harris, and I have fun discussing. Arastoo is a regular performer with Synergy Theater, and also pursues acting, writing, and music. Reggie uses what he learns in Synergy Theater classes in his professional voiceover work. Reggie's company, Better Together, offers coaching on how to use improv principles in on-the-job settings.

The truth is, every good dramatic story needs a villain. Get in touch with your dark side, in service to the story, with Reggie and Arastoo!

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