Spontaneous Spookiness with Arastoo and Valerie

Episode 13 October 07, 2022 00:37:06
Spontaneous Spookiness with Arastoo and Valerie
Improv in Practice with Synergy Theater
Spontaneous Spookiness with Arastoo and Valerie

Show Notes

If you're not "dying" to see Synergy Theater's Spontaneous Hitchcock by the end of this episode, then you should check your pulse! Synergy Theater will perform their Spontaneous Hitchcock - A Thriller in the Style of the Master of Suspense - at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California, October 20-30, 2022! Grab your seat, (you'll only need the edge), by visiting SynergyTheater.com.

In this episode we welcome Arastoo Darkashan back to the podcast. Arastoo is a Synergy Theater performer, and artist, Improv teacher, and frelance musician and sound designer. We talk about rehearsing for Spontaneous Hitchcock, what suprises may be in store for the audience, and (if that weren't enough) Arastoo generously shares with us an original composition made especially for Synergy Theater's Spontaneous Hitchcock. It's chilling! Don't listen alone!

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